Large trees

Acer Palmatum/ Japanese Maple 



Height: 35cm

Width: 40cm

Description:  Stunning large Japanese Maple specimen.  Trunk movement is very unique to this tree.  Tree has an abundance of branches which may be thinned out as it develops further.  Beautiful variation of colours in the leaves of this variety.  Planted in a lovely green speckled pot by Saffron Ceramics.



Japanese Maple including shipping within the United Kingdom ONLY. Please contact for shipping costs outside of the United Kingdom before purchasing, thank you


Prunus Spinosa/Blackthorn



Height: 50cm

Width: 33cm

Description: Large Prunus Spinosa/Blackthorn bonsai in training.  Collected a few years ago from a sheep grazed field, roughly styled last Winter and repotted this Spring.  Another elegant tree well on its way to making a beautiful bonsai tree.  Opportunity to add Jin and Shari to complement the white flowers in Spring.  Healthy vigorous tree with lots of fine roots.


Prunus Spinosa/Blackthorn including shipping throughout United Kingdom ONLY. Please contact for shipping rates outside of UK before purchasing, thank you



Prunus Incisa Kojo No Mai   “Fuji Cherry”


Height: 40cm

Width: 40cm

Description:  Stunning Prunus incisa, dwarf cherry tree.  Field grown tree for many years using the clip and grow method to produce a very natural looking bonsai.  Large trunk and base with nice surface roots.  Vigorous healthy tree which flowers every spring before leaves emerge.   Currently growing in a plastic training pot.


Prunus Incisa Kojo no Mai, price includes shipping WITHIN UK ONLY. Please contact me before purchasing if you require shipping outside the United Kingdom.





Height: 52cm

Width: 50cm

Trunk Girth: 19cm

Description:  Very Large chunky Pyracantha/Firethorn Bonsai in training.  Field grown for approx 15 years, branches are in all the right places.  Requires further branch development which would not take long given the speed of Pyracantha.  The massive trunk has surprisingly good movement.  Flowers and berries profusely every year.  Berry colour is orange on this variety.



Large Pyracantha Bonsai inc shipping within UK ONLY. Please contact me before making a purchase if you require shipping to Europe for shipping cost.








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