Medium Bonsai

Juniperus Chinensis/ Chinese Juniper

Height: 14cm

Width: 28cm

Description: Chinese Juniper with tons of potential.  Ready to wire and style, lots of tight growth.  Powerful trunk with live veins and dead wood.


Chinese juniper including shipping throughout Europe


Potentilla Fruticosa



Height: 19cm

Width: 19cm

Description:  Potentilla Bonsai with a good sized trunk, nice branching and a good crown of foliage.  A bonsai that looks like a natural tree.  Planted in a dark blue Chinese bonsai pot which should compliment the yellow flowers in summer.


Potentilla fruticosa including shipping throughout Europe


Wisteria Sinenses


Height : 40cm

Width : 30cm

Description: Tall elegant Wisteria Bonsai.  Lovely shapely trunk obviously trained early on.  Leaves and purple flowers will weep down below the pot.  Stunning bonsai in summer.




Wisteria including shipping throughout Europe


Ulmus Paviflora/Chinese Elm


Height: 30cm

Width: 32cm

Description: Beautiful old Chinese Elm.  Stunning tree with great ramification of branches.  Nice trunk movement and surface roots leading up to an amazing crown of twiggy branches.  Fantastic pot by Saffron Ceramics U.K.


Ulmus Parviflora including shipping throughout the U.K. ONLY Please contact me for shipping rates outside of the United Kingdom.



Acer Palmatum, Japanese Maple




Height: 28cm

Width: 28cm

Description:  Beautiful Japanese Maple, Acer Bonsai.  Good movement in trunk, branches placed nicely.  Pot is a blue Chinese ceramic.




Acer Palmatum/Japanese Maple including shipping throughout Europe







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