Raw material/Pre Bonsai

Chaenomeles speciosa



Height: 16cm

Width: 25cm

Description:  Super chunky, sumo quince, Cheanomeles speciosa field grown for a number of years.  Root spread has a 16cm diameter.  Knarly trunk with tons of character.  Great project tree, could be grafted with dwarf quince such as chojubai.



Quince raw material including shipping throughout Europe



Larix Decidua, European Larch


Height: 20cm                                                         Width: 15cm

Description:  European Larch Material for Bonsai.  Good Movement in trunk and plenty of branches to work with.  Ideal for workshop.



European Larch. Price includes P&P



Larix Decidua, European Larch



Height: 53cm

Width: 64cm

Description:  Large European Larch pre bonsai material, well established and ready for styling.  Field grown for many years, clipped and allowed to grow.  lots of branches to work with, good taper in the trunk, fun piece of material which will make an excellent large bonsai.



European Larch, price including shipping to U.K. ONLY Please contact me before purchasing if outside the U.K. for European shipping rates.


Juniper Chinensis Itiogawa



Height: 18cm

Width: 26cm

Description:  Excellent Juniper Chinensis Itiogawa pre-bonsai material.  Grown and imported from Japan.  Lots of potential.




Zelkova Serrata/ Japanese Grey Bark Elm


Height: 25cm

Width: 20cm

Description:  Japanese Gray Bark Elm in training as a Broom style Bonsai.  Already well on its way to a Broom image.  Nice primary branch structure already in place.  Tree will improve with appropriate pruning.  Already in a shallow Chinese unglazed bonsai pot.



Zelkova Serrata/Japanese Grey Bark Elm including shipping throughout Europe


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