Bonsai Starter Plants

Chinese Cork Bark Elm and Japanese Grey Bark Elm

(Ulmus Parviflora and Zelkova Serrata)

2 Bonsai starter plants, Chinese Cork Bark Elm and Japanese Grey Bark Elm.  Already started on their journey to being bonsai.  Buyer recieves plants pictured.


Japanese Grey Bark elm and Chinese Cork Bark Elm including shipping throughout Europe


Juniper Chinensis Itiogawa

Highly sought after Juniper Itiogawa 2 year old plant.  Perfect for planting out to grow into a bigger plant or for grafting to garden varieties of juniper.  Buyer will recieve 2 plants of similar size as those pictured.  Shape and pot colour may vary.


2 X Chinese Juniper Itiogawa starter plants including shipping throughout Europe


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